Raid Management
for World of Warcraft Classic

Super-charge your guild's discord with streamlined raid management.

Manage Your Raids

→ Quickly and easily ping players who have signed up for your raid previously without notifying an entire server.
→ Export your raid roster to a spreadsheet for easy raid assignments.
→ See sign-ups based on class & spec, using the player's actual in-game character name.
→ Set up confirmations for your raid to let players know what to plan on.
And so much more.

Google Sheets Export

Copy our awesome assignment spreadsheet or set up your own. One simple command, and the bot will export a raid's sign-ups to a spreadsheet for you!

Soft Reserves

Enable soft reserves on your raid, and players can select an item from the list of available items in the raid as their reserve. Easily export the reserves to your spreadsheet, to the channel, or view it on the site!

Completely Free

I wrote this bot to make my life easier to manage my raids. My hosting costs are minimal and are covered by the money I make from streaming on Twitch, so I'm able to offer this for free.

Open Source

The bot's repository is public, so you can see how things are being done, and contribute if you'd like!

Widely Used

GoodBot is used by hundreds of Classic WoW guilds already.

Great Support

The development discord has multiple developers and experienced users who can help you work through whatever issue you're having.

The bot that has everything
you need for Classic WoW!

Raid Duplication

Duplicate your raid for 7 days later with all the same settings, automatically posting your rules and pinging the players who attended the current raid with a single easy command.

Crosspost Your Raid

Post your raid to a second server, allowing signups and reserves to be set from either server without having to pay for a premium plan.

Soft Reserves

Quickly and easily manage soft reserves for your entire raid, while allowing reserves from multiple raids at once, or allowing multiple reserves per user.

Class & Role Management

Allow users to easily set up their character name, class and role with a couple easy clicks.

Ready for more?

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